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TFHK 項目老師招募 |TFHK Fellowship Recruitment //

// 📣 TFHK 項目老師招募 |TFHK Fellowship Recruitment //


TFHK Fellowship is an education-focused leadership development program for aspiring changemakers to develop skills and understanding of education through a full-time, paid commitment. Upon the completion of Fellowship, you are ready to launch your purposeful career within and beyond classroom.

參加資格 Eligibility:

✅35歲或以下 (自2023年12月31日起計) Aged 35 or under as of 31 Dec 2023

✅擁有學士學位 (任何背景皆可) Hold a Bachelor’s degree in any field

✅2023年或之前畢業 Have graduated or will be graduating latest by 2023

✅能夠在香港工作 Have work authorization in Hong Kong

📝立即報名 | Apply Now:

❗ 截止報名日期 | Application Deadline: 18 December 2022

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