Room Booking Queries

You have to log-in or register as member before making your room application. Please visit our website, select your preferred property and click on “Apply for Reservation”; then fill in the form and upload the required documents. Our customer service team will Contact you within two working days.


You have to log-in or register as our member before arranging visit on our website. Please visit our website, select your preferred property and click on “Appointment to visit”, our staff from Operations Team will contact you within two working days. Please Note that visit to specific flat/room cannot be guaranteed if the flat/room is occupied.

You can book at any time online as long as the application is open for booking, and rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. As long as we have availability on the room, you can book in advance, we start accepting renewal applications from our current guests by Mid-February and open applications from the public by March every year for the 1-year term of tenancy from Mid-August, please pay close attentions to our news posted on website for details.

A friend of yours is a friend of ours! You are welcomed to book in groups. To book with your friends, you and your friends will just need to go through the regular online application procedure and include your friends’ name(s) in the “Remarks” section on the online application form. We will do our best to assign rooms at the same flat for you. 

We accept a certain quota of exchange students starting from June every year, please inquire with us first before application or you might remark your requested stay period at “Remark” on the online application form.

Earlytermination ofthe signed tenancy/licence agreementis not permitted. Though, the dossing of the same gender as the original tenant to take over the remaining term of tenancy with an administration fees of HK$1,500 (price for 2018) payable by the original tenant. If the tenant has found his/her replacer, the replacer is required to apply on our website and specify that his/her application is for the replacement of the original tenant on the “Remark” of the online application. Once he or she has signed the new tenancy/licence agreement and settled the reservation fee for the property, the overpaid rental amount and the security deposit from the original tenant will be refunded after deduction of the agreed amount.


Yes. To successfully reserve a room, the tenant shall review and sign the tenancy/licence agreement; and pay to the landlord a reservation fee within 2 working days upon receiving the agreement. tenant will be refunded after deduction of the agreed amount.

We will send you the e-agreement by Adob​​e Sign, so you could sign the agreement electronically by your computer or mobile.

Details please find at https://acrobat.adobe.com/us/en/sign.html

Once you signed the agreement and paid the required reservation fee, we would verify your payment, which might take days if the transaction is made abroad. And we would confirm your booking by sending you the receipt or signed agreement with the signature of landlord; You will be informed with your moving-in arrangement prior to your arrival.

Yes, we accept booking from both students and working professionals, and we would try our best to assign rooms in different flats/apartments for students and working professionals respectively.

You may apply for a change of room, location, or payment terms, subject to room availability and other requirements, if any. Please note that this may incur a charge for the administration fees of HK$1,500 (price for 2018).

Accounting Queries

As a tenant, you will have to pay the rent, security deposit, and if required in some properties, the government stamp duty and the utilities prepayment which will cover your utilities charges. We do not charge any extra commission, management fee and cleaning fee.

It is a deposit payable by the tenant to landlord as a means of security in case of any dispute, in other words, it is required to ensure that disorders such as any damages that held responsible by the tenant, any outstanding amount payable by the tenant Or any breach of agreement, can be settled at the end of the tenancy. It is also a market practice in Hong Kong.

For students, you can either choose a two-term or three-term payments, which means you have to settle the full rental and other required payments in two or three terms; for working professionals with income proof, you may from monthly payment

If the tenant chooses two-term payment or if applicable, monthly payment, the tenant will need to pay security deposit equivalent to two months’ rent. If the tenant chooses to pay by three-term, the tenant will need to pay security deposit To three months’ rent. The payment schedule varies with the requirements of different properties, mostly the first term would be by reservation, the second term would be by the moving-in date and the third term would be by the half of the tenancy period For details please refer to our website.

During our moving-out arrangement, an inspection on the room and flat will be performed and if there are no damages to the facilities, your security deposit will be returned to you within 14 days from the date of delivery of vacant possession of the properties.

For most of our listed properties on our website, the rent includes the community rent and rates, management fees, and the cleaning service of the common area shared by tenants. Some of the properties would also cover household insurance. Details please refer to our website.

To successfully reserve a room, the tenant shall pay to the landlord a reservation fee within 2 working days upon receiving the tenancy/licence agreement. For some properties, the reservation fee includes the rent and if required, utilities prepayment, of the first two months And the government stamp duty; while for other properties, the reservation fee includes the rent of the first month and the required security deposit. Details please refer to our website.


For some properties, the tenant shall pay the utilities prepayment of Hong Kong Dollar $200 per month to cover the share of the tenant’s charges in respect of water and electricity; and if applicable, the Internet service, during the term of tenancy. Prepayment exceeds the accumulated amount of the actual utilities costs by the end of the tenancy, the balance shall be refunded to the tenant at the end of the tenancy; if the utilities prepayment is not adequate to cover the accumulated charges of the actual utilities consumption at The end of tenancy, the outstanding amount will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit.

Our company bank account information is shown on invoice and please provide payment proof by uploading to our account system or sending email to [email protected]. We are currently offering four methods of payments:


a) You may choose local bank transfer by ATM or bank counter; or cash deposit directly to our company account;


b) You may choose to pay by FPS (Faster Payment System), a retail payment service developed by Hong Kong Monetary Authority, you will have to register with your local bank account and please upload the payment screen cap to our accounting system once you have Made your payment;


c) If you are in Mainland China, you may choose to pay by WeChat Pay, please note that you will have to settle the handling charge of 1.8%;


d) If you are in Mainland China or abroad, you may choose to use Bank T/T (telegraphic transfer) to pay, please put your name and invoice number on the “Remarks” of the payment advice. Please note that it might take a few days for the payment to go through and you would have to settle the handling charge incurred from your local bank;


e) You may choose to use PayPal to pay, please note that you will have to settle the handling charge of 3.5%.

Please upload the image of payment proof with the invoicing email sent to you, you can click “View Invoice” in the email. Then you will be connected to your online invoice. Then please click the box “Reply to sender” on the right- Hand write of you have paid the invoice and upload the image by clicking “Add file”.

Please note that there will be a penalty of 2% per week of your invoice amount if you have missed your payment deadline.

Operations Queries

We will perform regular visits to the property to ensure that the property is being looked after and well-maintained. We will also be looking for maintenance issues, if any.

According to our tenancy/licence agreement, you have to reinstate your room/flat as you return your property to us by the end of your tenancy in a good condition for the next resident, so as long as the fixture at room/flat would not Be damaged, you may decorate your room or move around the furniture inside the room/flat, yet please note that it has to be reinstated. Thus, please do not guy things on the walls with blue/white tack/pins, which will cause Permanent damage to the wall, and we would have to charge you for any lasting damages. You may try using washi tape though.

Accident happens but please inform us as soon as possible and we will review the case to assess the solution and responsibility. Do not try to ignore or hide the damage because it might get worse and you may have to take more responsibility on the damage.


No. According to our tenancy/licence agreement, smoking is prohibited anywhere in the room, flat, lift lobby and elsewhere within the building. If there is any designated smoking area in the building for smoking, we will let you know, as the rooftop If some of our properties do allow smoking, please check with our staff for details. If anyone is caught smoking without permission within the building, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement at our discretion and to charge you for appropriate cleaning fee.

Yes, most of our properties are furnished with basic furniture and kitchen appliances. Details please refer to our website.

We have our own maintenance team on hand to make repairs and upgrade our buildings. If you experience any problems, please contact us immediately and we will help as soon as we can.


Unfortunately, we will only calculate the utilities charges using the entire contractual period.


It includes basic cleaning of the common area of the flat (living room, kitchen, washroom, lift lobby, etc.) but it does not include cleaning of your room, cleaning of the dishes and any remains of food. Tenants have the responsibility for Their own rooms’ tidiness and cleanliness of kitchen after daily meals.

We adopt a self-move-in process. You will be given the password for the building and the flat by email, and you will be given instruction on where to obtain the key of your room. You may contact us if you experience any difficulty And we will assist you.nt

Our tenancy/licence agreement tolerates small and normal wear and tear in the properties and tenants will not be penalized. But for more serious and larger scale damage to the fixture, furniture and appliance there will be penalty to you or to all the tenants in the same property.

The landlord is responsible for all repairs that are not damaged by the tenant. For damages incurred by the tenant(s), we can help arrange the repair but at the cost of the tenant(s).

According to our tenancy/licence agreement, the only legal tenant is the named person on the agreement, we do allow you bring in friends or family for visiting during daytimes, but they may not stay in the apartment overnight.

According to our tenancy/licence agreement, pets are not allowed at the properties, unless specified otherwise. For details please check with our staff.

You can email, phone-in or use instant-messaging app to register for repair request.

No. According to our tenancy/licence agreement, you are strictly prohibited to sublet your room/flat out by any mean. If this is violated, we reserve our right to terminate our agreement immediately and you might be held responsible for any charges The sublet of the room/flat.

Unfortunately, we don’t have space to store anyone’s luggage prior to their arrival. Once you get here, however, there’s plenty of space in your room/flat for everything you might be bringing.

Before moving out, it’s best to arrange an inspection with the property management team of the landlord. That way, both you and the property manager can react agree on any kind of damages which you may need to be charged for so that you don’t Get any surprises. And, before you move out, you’ll need to clean and tidy your room/flat, plus you’ll need to remove all of your belongings from your room and the communal area. Please note that you have joint responsibility On the moving-out day, you’ll need to vacate the room/flat before a certain time – just ask if you’re unsure.

Safety & Security

We do have 24-hour video surveillance in most of our properties, and some of the properties do have 24-hour security guard service. Details please refer to our website.

For properties entitled to insurance protection, please contact the property management team and they will assist you for any insurance claim. Please take photographs of any evidence immediately without moving them around, and write down the details of the event including date, time, location and The process.

If you have lost or forgotten your keys, do not panic. Please contact the property management team and they will assist you.

You can contact the property management team for a key to copy at your own expenses during office hours, 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or you may contact locksmith during non-office hours.

For medical emergencies, in the event of fire, or if you are the victim of crime, you must always first call for an ambulance, fire service, or the police. The general emergency contact number in Hong Kong is 999. In other cases, You may also contact the property management team for assistance or search for the contact number on the posting board, if any, at the property.