Personal Data Policy

During the application and contract signing process, Contented Living will request you to submit your personal information.

It is our corporate policy to protect the personal information of all of our applicants. Contented Living, however, reserves the right to use, maintain and/or provide such information to:

1.House owners, universities and the relevant institutions for the purpose of processing your application and the tenancy and operation management by Contented Living;

2.Government departments, agents, contractors, suppliers and third-party service providers (eg. Operation management, telecommunications, computer, internet, payment and other services) for the purpose of carrying out service agreements and/or the operation management by Contented Living;

Such personal information may also be saved and recorded in the database of the respective parties for provision of other services.

You can request in viewing your personal information and to modify them (shall there be any error). If your application is not successful, you can request Contented Living to delete your information from its record. You may email Contented Living to request for the viewing, modification and deletion of your personal information.