Dear Guests,

The rapidly worsening pandemic situation has caused much anxiety in Hong Kong. Yet, thanks to the effort of our management team and all of you, so far we have only less than 10 COVID cases reported in our residences and most of the cases have been recovered with no spread to other flatmates/roommates. Since the outbreak of the COVID situation, Contented Living has been providing various supports to our guests which include:

– enhancing the cleaning and disinfecting of the common area in our shared flats

– ordering and delivering of the rapid test kits with CE certificate to our guests

– providing disinfecting supplies, food and basic medicines to units with COVID case(s)

– announcing disease prevention measures and updates including household disease prevention measures to those who have flatmates/roommates got infected

Besides of the full support of our management team, it is essential for all of you to collaborate with us in order to successfully control and prevent the pandemic situation. We have summarized some reminders for you as follows:

– Prepare yourself with at least 3-day of food supplies and basic medicines so we have a few days to prepare other necessary supplies for you in case you got infected

– Do not invite outsiders to stay at your room; it is not just a breach of the contract, but it also increases the risk of getting infected to yourself and your flatmates

– Please inform us immediately if you unfortunately got infected so we could arrange supplies for you, follow-up with the disinfection of the building and notify your flatmates

– If you wish to leave Hong Kong under this circumstance, please inform our sales representatives for help seeking replacer to your contract or you could also find your own replacer and inform us for further arrangements. Please note that subletting your room to others without informing us is considered a breach of the contract, by which both your replacer and you are not under any protection of law; please make good use of your housing resource, especially during the difficult time when some students have been kicked out from their residences due to the transition of their residences to quarantine facilities or relocation policy by unscrupulous landlords

Despite the rapid growth rate in Omicron infections, Omicron does appear to have relatively mild symptoms and it takes around 5 to 7 days to recover; thus for those who are infected please do not panic. Recently our team did have two staffs got infected but they were fully recovered after the 10-day of self-quarantine. Both of them have resumed their duties already. And by implementing a pandemic roster to eliminate unnecessary cross‐staff exposure, we have successfully contained the spread of the Omicron variant amongst our team without compromising our management services.

Lastly, if you have flatmate got infected, please do not discriminate against him/her; after all no one would intend to get themselves sick and everyone has just equal chance to get infected under this circumstance. It is especially essential to show support to your fellows in difficult times and help each other to get through it. As proved by our experience, one could still stay uninfected with appropriate and careful disease prevention measures even when there is someone sick at the same flat. We hope that all of you could stay healthy both physically and mentally, so try to get some sunbath with the recent good weather and eat healthily to keep your immune system strong and enjoy some great shows at night with our complimentary Netflix account. 

Hopefully the hardship will be gone soon and we wish you all well!


Contented Living